Free font Noto Sans CJK in TTF

In search of a free font, which provides mostly all unicode glyphs, I found Noto Sans CJK, provided by Google.

Google only provides the font in OTF/OTC format, but for my usecase I need a TrueType font file.
So I decided to convert the OTF into a TTF by myself.

I tried a few tools, but the best results I got from the commercial software FontCreator. The open source programm FontForge also supports OTF converting, but loses some glyphs after compiling.

Converting an OTF with FontCreator is really easy.
All you have to do is:

  • open the source font file in FontCreator
  • setup your export stettings
  • export the font to TTF


Here are the results I like to share with you.
As source I used the Noto Sans CJK with Traditional Chinese as default language.
So, if you need a large clear and free unicode font, I hope this one works for you.

Free font Noto Sans CJK in TTF

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